All the Reactions
For storing all those lovely reactions I see on tumblr and elsewhere on the internet. If you have questions/comments about things or stuff, feel free to ask because I'm friendly and bored.

Fyi my postings are and always will be inconsistent. I use a queue but that runs dry and I refill it only if/when the whim strikes. Also, since the majority of what I gather and post comes from my dash, it does not accurately/fairly represent the entirety of the internet/fandoms. Oops~

IF I HAVE REPOSTED YOUR GIF (and you don't like that): first off, I'm *very* sorry. I started the blog before I was gif-maker-conscious and it was originally just for my own reference (so I didn't bother keeping tracking of sources). If you would like me to credit you or replace my post with your original post, just let me know! I don't mean to be a douchebag blog, promise.
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      Let the madness begin :D
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      I’m out of school finally!!!!!!!!!!
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